Garden view
Welcome to the plant search page of the Hortus botanicus Leiden. Part of our collections can be found here, by searching on their scientific or common names. This page is under construction and is regularly updated.
Our plant collections are used for research and education. If you want to use any material for these purposes, please contact collection manager Gerda van Uffelen (see below). Each plant has its own unique plant code, the accession number, so that provenance, history and pictures of a plant are easily found.
On the following pages you may explore the Hortus with the help of our interactive map, browse the list of scientific plant names, learn more about assets such as busts, seats and buildings, or select a tour.

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Garden map
  1. Winter Garden
  2. Clusius Garden
  3. Orangery
  4. Tropical glasshouses
  5. Geophyte garden and cool house
  6. Rose Garden
  7. Systematic Garden
  8. Von Siebold Memorial Garden
  9. Arboretum
  10. Chinese Herb Garden
  11. Fern Garden
  12. Observatory Garden